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So This Is Life?

Monday, November 17, 2008

12:16AM - it's that time again!!!!!

hey everyone. tis the season of giving. i know everyone is hard on money but if everyone sent/brought in one thing, we'd be a very happy shelter. or even just a letter that says thanks. we love those...

heres the wish list...you know you wanna help!

Shelter Wish List

The items listed below are needed at the shelter.
Please call the hotline (603)887-1200 if you can donate any of these much needed items or you can send them directly to the shelter:

Doberman Rescue Unlimited
52 Tenney Road
Sandown, NH 03873




Contractor Garbage Bags (3 mil)
Paper Towels
Simple Green
Laundry Detergent (powdered and liquid)
Dryer Sheets
Dish Washing Liquid
Toilet Tissue


Postage Stamps
Copy Paper
Clip Boards
Tape (scotch, masking, duct, and clear)
Dry Erase Markers
File folders


Dog Biscuits (especially small)
I/D (canned), L/D, and W/D Prescription Diets (canned and dry)
All-Meat Baby Food
Charlee Bear Treats
Hot Dogs
Semi-moist treats (Snausages, Scooby Snacks)
Peanut Butter
Chicken and Beef Broth
Iams Cat Food (dry and canned)


Soloxine (all mgs.)
Eye Ointment
Ear Cleaner
Bag Balm


Blankets, towels, sheets
Pillow Cases
Dog beds (new and used)
Rubber Mats
Goodie Gripper
Sterilized Beef Bones
Cressite 3" Solid Rubber Balls
Nail Clippers
Cat Litter
Bottled Water
Canned Soda
Used Couch, Chair, Loveseat
Water Cooler
Plastic Kiddy Pools
18” and 20” buckle collars


Gardening Help
Artistic Talent for Kennel Wall Mural
Granite Sign Post
Push Reel Mower


Saturday, June 7, 2008


it's that time of year again!

June 8, 2008

Bring a donation from the wishlist if you want

Monday, March 10, 2008

8:57PM - havent posted on here forever...

winter is a sad season. it's very lonely and cold. it leaves everyone feeling lonely and cold; well, unless you like to ski or snowboard, than it's your wonderland. but for the rest of us... ive noticed recently of how many people are falling apart this season. theyre bored and need a fix of something. people who used to be fluttery and free have become home bodies and depressed. i have been one to join this club. there isnt much to do around here in the cold season. fall is apple picking times and bon fires. summer is beach and road trips. and spring is always the new begining. so for the us warmer weather freaks of nature, we only find sleep. and bordem. and longing for a time where we were happy, even just for a moment; the past. but there is hope. there are movies with friends and talking of the good ol' times. there are plans for spring to be made. there is always hope for a new begining. i know, its hard. the past seemed so nice. so free. so exciting. but to all you sad, bored people in the world who have nothing better but to hope... the future is just around the corner. the sun will shine again.

stay forward....grow like the flowers of spring and you'll see the sun again.

Friday, September 7, 2007

12:16PM - labor day party

although there was a lot of stupid people babysitting and that kept a lot of people on edge. and the liquor had to go away by midnight after i had only one shot in my system....the party went pretty good. and you wanna know why!!!!!!!!

take that bitches. meet the slobbies with singer RYAN HIRSCH!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

9:19PM - ryan says

I can't even begin to believe how many people are showing up to my Labor Day Party. I'm gonna need a bigger Yard! I believe I have a few bands in the lineup. I can't pay anybody, but if you want to play, I can arrange to get you some play time. Bring your instruments if you just feel like rocking out. I'm thinking also of getting a fire permit from the town of Pelham. I want to have a bonfire of ungodly proportions. Bring anything you wish to burn. Old Furniture, Office Chairs, Computer Parts, unused Fireworks, the Kitchen Sink... etc etc. This party is going to be huge. There is going to be tons of food, tons of drinks and tons of excitement. Bring a friend or two if you feel like coming down. And Please Please Please try to carpool. I only have parking for about 30 cars, so please try to carpool with somebody. THANKS! AND I'LL SEE YOU ALL THERE! ROCK!

everyone should go!!!!!!!!! check out his myspace for more info


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

7:46PM - holy hell

i havent been on this thing for ages. whats going on everyone? come to ryans labor day party god damnit!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

12:14PM - ryans party

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

12:22AM - to find out more....check here.

cause im never on livejournal...


do it bitches!

Monday, October 23, 2006


so i've decided to take it easy from the computer for a while because of my current situation. i'm mentally exauhsted from something that shouldn't have evn happened. but it looks like it's over and i can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel again. i'm still gonna go away for a bit though just in case. i hope all is well. contact me by phone if need be. bye bye

Monday, October 16, 2006


it was a cold morning. autumn had arrive full force and blew it's cold breeze at my back as a walked into the sunlight hoping for a little warmth. none. that cold ghost had followed, i should have guessed i was it's next victim. off to my job i went to see my children's smiling faces. they always bring a sort of joy to my life every time i hear them scream for my attention. we played in the yard a lot as it got a little warmer when the sun rose. we even had a picnic in the grass. it was so beautiful, even the ants joined in our fun. and then a phone call. *ring* i can't answer...they'll message me. "amber, we need to talk, hannah stopped by and we need to talk" i call back. *scary movie music* 
"what happened!?" i exclaimed.
"hannah stopped by and gave me a note..." he said
"well what'd it say!!?" i said angerly
"it said that her and i need to talk and that april is planning on catching me cheating by video tape at you request. so to be careful..."
"well what do you guys need to talk about"
i don't know, she's psycho. i want her gone"
"well i'll call her and ask her whats up"
"i was just gonna thow the note away and move on and ignore her until she goes away"
"well i want the note.."

my heart was pounding as i lifted up my phone and began to type. she denies everything as usual. i know better. i always know better. but time can tell how that knowledge actually takes place in life. impatience is now all that time holds for us. just rmember what happened to the hare when he didn't take his time. she said she didn't want him to lose me.
*BARK* i'm interupted. they know i'm angry. they know they need to make me smile. i do. how could i not with those big brown eyes looking at me. i throw the ball for them and continue. mama needs to finish this drama now so that she can get back to taking care of her kids. 

if she didn't want him to lose me then she should have never done anything in the first place. her buisness is elsewhere. her cold heart does not belong in this family. we were mending our broken hearts and stitching up our past one thread at a time and she came by with scissors. did you cut off teddy bear heads as a child? 
i want my warm fuzzy place back in my heart. i want things to go away and i can live and he can live and we can live. i want this cold ghost to go away instead of haunt us with her pains. we are not her friend, we did not invite her her. is she too weak to go into her own light and persue her own happiness. oh maybe she likes being denied. maybe she likes to ruin others minds and spirits. then she won't be alone anymore. well i am the sun and will bring the warmth. these animals, these people, these times are my rays and i will billow upon you. this cold ghost will be banished! and we will once again pick up that thread and put this puzzle back together. only we can take it apart, NOT YOU. i know his lies, i know yours and i definetly know mine. we're all sinking but i know how to swim. do you? can ghosts swim? can parasites swim? with all that baggage, who knows what will pull you down. are you really willing to take that chance? move on now ghost, you are not wanted. i will flush you like the tick you are , quit sucking the life out of me!!

all in all everything in life is great. we got our ghosts and our parasites and our own demons to get over. these mountains have yet to be paved so a hiking we shall go. but life is good. i am good. my puppies are good. my "children" are good. we are all good. and i will keep it that way if i have to die doing it! because i know i'm stronger than you!

Current mood: determined

Wednesday, October 4, 2006


so this is where it all begins. my life has started. i met my babies the other day. they're beautiful. four different personalities, all a bundle of love and joy. logan, my little red bullet, cuddles like no other. ginger, my gentle princess, happily plays tug of war and WINS! the victor!. harris, my little puddle jumper, owns the whole neighborhood and every puddle imaginable. and who could forget dylan, his favorite sport...BALL!. his leg is all messed up so he has a problem walking but not with showing that ball whos boss. tallulah has finally warmed up to me too...we eat dinner together. to see those tails wag and wait for me to play with them when i walk into the room is breath taking. it's the joy i've always wanted. my life is now where i want it to be.  go visit my job!!!

in other news...akwardness at the club. I'M NOT IN HIGHSCHOOL ANYMORE! i don't deserve to be put in a position where i get drunk and cry infront of the people who normally see happy amber. not many people at the club, other than a few who see me outside of the club, know of the drama that is ambers life and i'd like to keep it that way. thanks to all who participated in ruining my night off!
and to everyone who helped me in that situation, sorry for my drunken tears, thanks for all your help. YOU ROCK!

Current mood: artistic

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

5:01PM - go figure

Who were you in a past life?
by Kat007
Favorite Color:
You were most probably:Lassie, yes the dog
If not then you were:A sheep dog named Grody


What is a good quote for you?
by grlinterupted
Say what??"The monkey flew down and stole my cracker."

Monday, August 28, 2006


Quick fix and heartbeats, gets me so easily
Now you got me on my knees
This will be the death to me
Tic tac, time goes by, hits me so suddenly
How you knock me off my feet
I'm the Queen of Apologys

Now I'm fighting this feeling
but it never stops, never stops
I'm still waiting
And I'm stuck with this feeling
will it ever stop, ever stop?
I keep trying

I blame no one, but myself
so honestly, is this how it's gonna be?
Tell me, who's the enemy?
Monkey on my back keeps me so desperatly
How you got me on my knees
This will be the death to me

So sick of this feeling
but it never stops, never stops
I'm still waiting
And I'm stuck with this feeling
will it ever stop, ever stop?
You see, I'm still shaking
And I'm fighting this feeling

This will be the death to me
I'm the Queen of Apologys

And I'm fighting this feeling
but it never stops, never stops
I'm still waiting
And I'm stuck with this feeling
will it ever stop, ever stop?
I keep trying
And I'm fighting this feeling
And I'm stuck with this feeling
will it ever stop, ever stop?
I keep trying

This will be the death to me
This will be the death to me
I'm the Queen of Apologys

Saturday, July 22, 2006


oh whatever....

give me some words of wisdom for i am at the point of no return and don't understand the world around me.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Which Drinking Quote Are You? by osirusx
Your Quote:Cheap tequila tastes like Mexican people trying to kill you!
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Sunday, June 25, 2006


How to make a beat_to_slumber

3 parts jealousy

5 parts silliness

1 part beauty
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Top it off with a sprinkle of curiosity and enjoy!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

6:25PM - so this is what...

so now someone knows how to write in others handwriting. the words "i don't know" are burned in my brain as i slip more and more into a black hole. i have no idea whats going on and the more i think i do, the more i get denied a simple answer. i have so many questions and yet am not allowed to voice them so i try to figure things out on my own from two mangled up stories. i anger people when i do that. so now i don't want to say anything because if i do, things will end and i'll be crying even more. i'm done crying...i've become numb to the fact that things will never change and accepted my destiny.

i guess you're right...i have been defeated.
it's better than nothing.
as long as i know i still love.

Current mood: ...

Monday, June 19, 2006


boy i haven't hung out with ben in forever. i wonder why we stopped hanging out so suddenly. sam seems cool. allen drives like a maniac as usual :-). but we all had a good time, at least i did. some good laughs were on that trip. i wouldn't mind hanging out with all of them again sometime.
bryan met up with us later. we had a few drinks and danced a bit. sillah was awesome as usual. kevins funny.
the after party was blah. nice people, wierd conversations. very tiresome. we left early. had a fight. fixed the fight. went to bed.

all in all it was a pretty good night.

Current mood: i gotta dance!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


so... how long do you think this will last?
will things ever change or is this just a cover up to blanket the cold hearts that lie below. and how the hell can things change for the better so sudden. should i be worried...

Current mood: grumpy

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