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So This Is Life?

Can You Dig It?

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we've got to save the puppies!
a clockwork orange, abstract art, adventures, allen ginsberg, animals, art, autumn, bad horror films, bananas, beaches, beat generation, bed, biting, body modification, bonfires, books, boston, bowling, byob, cameras, candles, candy, chinese food, chocolate milk, cirque du soliel, climbing, climbing trees, clouds, cranberry juice, cuddling, cult films, daffodils, daisies, dinosaurs, doves, dragonflies, dragonflys, drawing, dreams, drinking, duct tape, exploration, eyes, fall, finger painting, fire, flowers, french toast, frisbee, fruit, fun, ghosts, gore, guitar, hacky sack, hair dye, hiking, horror, hot chocolate, hugs, irish cream, james dean, jones soda, junk food, kissing, laughing, laying in the grass, learning new things, llamas, long drives, love, massages, mountains, movies, music, my blue bunny, napping, new england, new hampshire, nightime, nintendo, ocean, old cars, orange juice, painting, painting shoes, parks, phantom of the opera, photos, picking play fights, pictures, piercings, playing dress up, playing in the rain, poetry, puddles, purple cow ice cream, quietness, rain, rainstorms, randomness, reading, reading-gay-erotica-to-children, records, relaxing, road trips, roses, rosie o'shea's, rum, sci-fi, sex, shakespeare, simple things, sleep, sleeping, slurpies, spirals, stars, stuff, sunrises, sunsets, sushi, swimming, tattoos, tea, thai food, the 80's, the environment, thunderstorms, toys, traveling, trust, twilight zone, ultimate frisbee, vegitating, video games, vw busses, warm rain, water, waves, wine, wire, witt, woods, writing, you, zombies